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Top 5 Booktubers

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Hi everyone! As a reader I love and enjoy watching videos on YouTube about bookish stuff.  I love watching people getting excited over books. I watch a lot of videos from different booktubers, but obviously I have my favorites. Later,  I will share with you guys another post about other booktubers y’all need to watch. There’s no particular order in this… they’re just my favorites.

Regan from PeruseProject: She loves historical fiction and I really think we all need to read more of that genre.

Sasha from abookutopia: Her videos are so much fun, and her bookshelves are stunning.

Grace from gracewithabookinherface: I love her reviews. I think she’s really honest and says what she really thinks about books.

Sophie from SophieSeries: This girl is always fangirling over books… like me.

Jesse from JesseTheReader: This is the only male booktuber I watch. He’s really funny, and cute. His book reviews are awesome!



6 thoughts on “Top 5 Booktubers

  1. So I just clicked on JesseTheReader out of pure curiosity. And just from watching the Channel Trailer I have fallen in love. Let the binge watching begin! I love finding male booktubers because they seem to be so rare. I currently follow two other male booktubers: Benjaminoftomes and TheBookTuber. There really great!


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