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Book Reviews with Spoilers

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We, readers, love to write reviews. We love to share with everyone our thoughts about a book we’ve read. Personally, I write spoilers in my reviews. People wonder why I do that… here’s why. When I write a review with spoilers is because I want to explain which part in specific I liked or didn’t liked. I have to write a spoiler in order to explain it… I just have to. I know there’s many people who do that too, and there’s people who don’t like that. Writing spoilers is a good thing (for me) because you can let the publisher or the author know which specific part, specific word, character, chapter, sentence, paragraph you liked or you didn’t liked. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT TO KNOW, RIGHT?!

You know, if a publisher or author give you a book is because they want to know your thoughts about it… about everything. So… you have to write a spoiler if you want to let them know your REAL THOUGHTS. I hate spoilers like all of you but I write reviews with spoilers… it’s just the way I do it. I’ve wrote HUGE spoilers and I’m really sorry about that, I wasn’t thinking when I wrote it. I’M SORRY, seriously.

Sometimes I try to write a review without spoilers and I think I’ve wrote some like that on goodreads. But sometimes I just have to write spoilers because… ugh… I have to talk about that scene in specific. When I write a review with spoilers on goodreads, the first thing I write is “this review contains spoilers so beware”. I’m letting you know that my review has spoilers before you start reading it. I haven’t done that here at my blog, but right now I’m letting y’all know  (if you haven’t figured it out) that my reviews contain spoilers.

I just wanted to let y’all know because I hate drama. I hate when someone comes and says (with a rude tone) “you write reviews with spoilers, I don’t like it”. Well, if you don’t like it, you can tell the person your thoughts about it but you have to watch your tone. I read reviews with spoilers and without spoilers and I like both ways. But please, if you don’t like something don’t start a freaking drama because that’s really annoying.


2 thoughts on “Book Reviews with Spoilers

  1. Totally agree! It’s definitely more helpful in expressing your specific thoughts about the book. Right now I mainly write my reviews spoiler free, but that’s just because I haven’t gotten to a review where I needed to spoil something. If it’s a book that completely destroyed me with feelings and I need to spill those thoughts by spoiling the book, then I will. If not though, it’ll remain spoiler free. Plus, if you want a spoiler free (or spoiler full) review then a bit of Google searching could bring up what kind of review you want to read. I don’t have a lot of reviews up yet anyways, but I plan on having a variety of reviews based on my reading experience of a specific book.


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