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Soundless Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: Soundless
Author: Richelle Mead
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
 Rating: ★★★

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So… what can I say? I enjoyed this book and the story. I think the idea of writing something about Chinese Folklore was unique, different and intriguing. BUT… I am disappointed.

“Everyone earns what they deserve around here – no more, no less. That’s balance. If you can’t fulfill your duty, you shouldn’t expect to be fed for it.”

This book follows Fei and her village. They all lost their hearing a while ago so they communicate with signs. One day, Fei gets her hearing back and she doesn’t know why. And also, some people are losing their sight. Later, Li Wei wants to go to talk to the line keeper and Fei joins him. When they go down there, they discover a lot of things that happened to another village and realize that their village is going through the same thing. They have to go back and warn the others. Their people don’t believe Fei, but the elders do, so they do what they have to do in order to save themselves. Fei… getting your hearing back wasn’t a bad thing after all, huh?

“Everyone clings to the way things have always been. And those ways are killing us. If we’re going to die one way or another, then I’ll face my death trying to make a difference – trying to save myself and others. Just getting by one more day isn’t good enough anymore. There must be more life, more to hope for.”

As I said before, it was a unique story. Personally, I was extremely excited for this book and now I’m a little disappointed. There was no world building and sometimes it got a little boring. I wanted to know more about the history behind everything. I didn’t got attached to the characters because it was to short so I couldn’t. For a fantasy novel I think it needed to be longer so we could have more world building, more character development and more action.

I didn’t liked that people wanted to be stuck with the life they had. They didn’t realized until the end that they were slaves and that other people were controlling their lives. It was hard to read about that, you know… because slavery is bad and being comfortable with it is so much worse.  That’s why I like how Li Wei thinks, because he wanted a change, he wasn’t comfortable with the things their village had to do in order to be fed.  Another thing I didn’t liked was Zhang Jing. She was older than Fei, but acted like a 5 year old girl. She was really immature and I couldn’t stand it.

One thing I really enjoyed was they way the books described the sounds. I think that was really unique and beautiful. The pixius, the art, and the game called xiangqi captivated my attention. I liked the importance of the pixius in their culture, the passion they have for the art, and now I want to learn how to play xiangqi because I think it was really interesting. I found pictures on the internet about that game and it looks pretty cool because I like strategy games. When Richelle mentioned “rice wine” I had to search for pictures because I didn’t know what was that, and let me tell you… it is an alcoholic beverage made from rice and it’s something I wouldn’t drink even if they pay me do it. hahaha. Richelle Mead’s writing is so easy to read and that’s why I kept reading the book even though I was bored at times.

Overall, I enjoyed some parts of it and it wasn’t that bad. It was ok. I’m glad I decided to read it because now I have my own opinion about it. I’ve read really bad reviews about this book I had to know if it was that bad, but it isn’t. If you’re looking for something different and unique, I recommend this book.


6 thoughts on “Soundless Book Review

  1. I’m a little over halfway through this book! It’s pretty good so far and I’m hoping to get my review up soon. I actually only read like the first half of this review just because I’m not quite finished with the book and I don’t want to read any spoilers (nothing against the review though! I love your reviews. 🙂 So I’ll be back on here when I finish, to read the rest of the review and comment my thoughts!


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