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Totally Didn’t… Book Tag

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.34.49 AMHello everyone! Here’s another book tag that I found and decided to do it. I found it @ Calliope the Book Goddess… you should go and check her blog!

1. Totally didn’t… need to have sequel/sequels


I have to say The Selection Series. I should’ve ended with The One. I haven’t read The Heir, and now there’s a fifth book coming out… but I’ve heard really BAD things about The Heir and now I don’t feel like reading it.

2. Totally didn’t… need to have more than one point of view

I don’t have an answer for this because I like books with more than one point of view. I like knowing what’s everybody thinking.

3. Totally didn’t… need to change cover art through the middle of the series


I don’t like these covers… the only beautiful thing they have is their spine. I have to admit that I want to buy them because of their spine… haha.


But also, I have to admit that these covers are stunning and I WANT THEM, I NEED THEM.

4. Totally didn’t… need a love triangle


I have to say Shatter Me… because I hated the “good guy” and I didn’t like the love triangle in this story.

5. Totally didn’t… need this book to be included in the series


This series didn’t need this book at all… oh, and  neither the fourth book that recently came out.

6. Totally didn’t… need a cliffhanger

I have to say… ALL THE BOOKS, because cliffhangers are a sin. BUT… I enjoy them.

7. Totally didn’t… need to have just one point of view


I would’ve loved having chapters with Levi’s point of view.

8. Totally didn’t… need that much hype 


I’m sorry, but I have to say Red Queen… I just don’t get all the hype for this book.

9. Totally didn’t… need a relative book reference

I don’t care if it has a relative book reference, so I don’t have an answer.

10. Totally didn’t… deserve my time


This one, of course. Ugh….

This tag was hard but fun. I tag you all. Feel free to share with me your answers. Thank you for reading… Xoxo!


5 thoughts on “Totally Didn’t… Book Tag

  1. Totally agree with the cover changes for the Mortal Instruments. Although I haven’t read them yet, I like the old covers better. I do LOVE the new spines though. They would look so pretty on my bookshelf.


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