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Read What You Want To Read

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Frequently, I receive comments like “you should only read books about your career” or “you read books for kids” or “the books you read are a piece of shit”. Personally, I read what I want to read. I feel comfortable with the books I read. I won’t change the books I read because some stupid people don’t like it.

I don’t have to read books about my career, I don’t read books for kids, the books I read aren’t a piece of shit. If you didn’t know, young adult books are for any age. There are a lot of adults around the internet who likes to read young adult books. Are they ashamed? NO. Am I suppose to be ashamed? HELL NO. I read what makes me feel happy. I don’t read because someone told me to read; I do it because it makes me feel peace and helps me to forget about everything.

Nobody has the right to tell you what you have to read, because that’s your choice. If you don’t like reading classics, do not read them. If you don’t like reading young adult books, do not read them. If you don’t like reading contemporary books, do not read them. You have the right to decide what you like to read, and you have the right to buy the books you want. You don’t have to feel ashamed because you only like to read Paulo Coelho’s books; or erotic books; or romantic books; or whatever.

At least you like reading. At least you spend your free time reading instead of doing who knows what. Feel free to tell the world what you like to read, feel free to read what you like to read, don’t be ashamed because people think you read garbage. I like reading young adult books because they’re so much fun, interesting, unique, amazing and more. They make me happy, so why should I stop reading them? When we read we explore whole new worlds, and also, we get to learn new words that help us expand our vocabulary. Isn’t it amazing?

Overall, READ WHAT YOU WANT TO READ! Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed because they don’t like what you’re reading. If you’re happy reading whatever book you want, then keep reading it. Don’t stop reading, share your love for reading with others, and stop the hate. Xoxo!



8 thoughts on “Read What You Want To Read

  1. Love this post! Sometimes, not often, I read kids books because they are an easy read and help relax me – people laugh but I don’t care 😀


  2. People really say stuff like that? Don’t bother listening to them. I mostly read international fiction with the occasional book from my field. But guess what? I just finished Cinder. I wish someone would say something about it, so I could tell them how much their opinion mattered. Read whatever keeps you reading!


  3. That is awful that people have said that to you. Your post is very invigorating. Keep reading what you want! 🙂

    p.s. The top image of the girl reading with the cat asleep on the table is very cute!


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