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Seven Ways We Lie Book Review

eARC was provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book comes out March 8th, 2016


Goodreads Blurb

Book: Seven Ways We Lie
Author: Riley Redgate
Genre: YA Contemporary / Realistic Fiction
 Rating: ★★★★

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“How am I supposed to focus on years from now? Half the time I barely have enough energy to hold on one more day.”

This book follows the life of Olivia, Matt, Kat, Claire, Juniper, Lucas and Valentine. Each one of them represent one of the seven sins: lust, wrath, pride, envy, sloth, greed, gluttony. This books is told in different POV.  Each one of them has their own problem, but in one way or another everything intertwine and made every single drama into one.

Olivia was the one who was a “slut” according to the people at school, the one who always receive comments because of her sexual choices. She was one of my favorites. Matt, my second favorite, he has a crush on Olivia and it was so cute. Juniper was the perfect girl, but the problems she hide were eating her slowly. Claire was this real teenager who was always anxious, jealous, with so much drama, but her self esteem was lowered because of herself and the ones around her. Valentine the one who didn’t know what he wanted, and Lucas, the pansexual, who liked Valentine. Kat… oh well, I really liked her too. She didn’t know how to control her anger, and sometimes I felt like I was her.

I loved how the whole story felt like it was real.This book talks about a few problems that a lot of teens go through in high school, it talks about how teens adjust to social opinions. All of them has flaws and they seemed so real, and I enjoyed that. This is the first time I read about pansexuality in a book and it was awesome because we need those kind of themes in books. Also, I really enjoyed the student – teacher relationship. People don’t talk about that, but it happens a lot. Not always in a “nice” way like in the book, but it happens and it’s a serious problem. We all are familiar with those problems, so it was easy to understand them. Sexual activity? You all know about that. Drinking in order to forget about the world? You all know about that? Jealousy? You all know about that. Crushes? You all know about that. That’s why I say it was so easy to understand those teens, because somehow we all have been through the same thing.

This books was such a fun, intriguing, cute, different, refreshing and quick read. I really enjoyed reading some realistic fiction. Multiple POV usually confused readers, but somehow Riley managed to write them in a way easy to follow.I liked how each one of them confronted their own conflicts, so that was interesting enough to keep me reading. This book made me think about the author Blue Jeans. He write stuff like this. I’m really glad NetGalley and the publisher provided me this book because I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. I REALLY ENJOYED THIS. I DID. So go and pre – order this at AmazonBarnes & Noble, or Book Depository.


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