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Not Book Related…

We always have those days when we feel alone… more than ever, and we start to think and think and think. We always say we want a perfect life, but is it worth it? Why don’t we appreciate the little things like going out to eat ice cream, staying at home with your boyfriend/girlfriend to watch a movie, staying up all night reading an incredible book… and etc, etc. We always want more and more, and we don’t see that we’re losing what we have right in front of us.

I don’t even know why I’m writing gibberish but you know, I was thinking about that. Feeling alone is sad, but sometimes it’s necessary because you have time to think about the stuff that has been worrying you; or decisions you have to make; or your future, or if you’re happy; or WHATEVER. Thinking is good, overthinking is not. Sometimes it lead us to do some crazy shit and we end up regretting everything.

I’m a happy girl. I have a wonderful boyfriend, I have amazing friends, I’m almost done with college, I’m healthy (I think), I have books and tv shows… I’m just incredibly happy and comfortable with my life right now. Maybe I don’t have the perfect life we always dreamt about, but I am who I always wanted to be (finally).

The thing is… just be happy, live your life and aprecciate all you have. Sometime you may lose something and you’re going to regret it all your life. Love yourself, love what you do… love every single thing. I’m sorry for the gibberish, I just wanted to write this. Have a wonderful night!


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