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The Friends Book Tag

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I wasn’t tagged by anybody, but I found this at Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse and I decided to do it. I love Friends, I’m currently re-watching it because it’s so good. I really enjoyed all the characters and all the jokes. I encourage you all to watch it.

The One Where Eddie Won’t Go – a character I wish would just go away:


Adam Kent. I didn’t like him.

The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break –favorite break up scene:


When Aspen breaks up with America.

The One With All The Kissing – a book with lots of kissing: 


Jace and Clary. Izzy and Simon. They were on fire.

The Last One – favorite series finale:


I love the ending to this saga. It was beautiful and sexy.

The One With a Blackout – a scene I’d like to forget:


This book has a lot of scenes I’d like to forget.

The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry – a book that did not make you as emotional as others:

I’m always crying!!!!

The One Where Joey Doesn’t Share Food:- a book you won’t ever lend:

Well, I don’t like to lend books so… NONE.

The One With the Thumb – a recent read that you would give two thumbs up to:


Passenger was freaking amazing!!!

The One With the Ick Factor – a book with a pet peeve:


I hate annoying main characters, and Nora was so annoying. Ugh.

The One With The Lesbian Wedding – favorite LGBTQ book couple:



There you have it. This was a fun tag. You all feel free to do it. I tag: Deceived by DreamsPretty Little Blogger, and Dziey. Until the next time. Xoxo!


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