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The Raven Boys Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: The Raven Boys
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Genre: YA Fantasy/ Paranormal
 Rating: ★★★★

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“Watch for the devil. When there’s a god, there’s always a legion of devils.”

This book follows Blue Sargent and her physic mother and friends. One day, on a scary church yard, she sees for the first time the spirit of some Raven Boy. Neeve told her that she only could see him if she was the one who killed him or if he’s her true love. Obviously, she was intrigued about that and also, because all her life  she has been told that if she kiss her true love, he’ll die.

First of all, I enjoyed the characters so much. Blue Sargent, this girl who isn’t shy, do what she has to do even though others do not agree with her and gets along with others quickly. Richard Campbell Gansey, the rich kid who’s trying to find a King and is obsessed with supernatural stuff. Ronan Lynch, the “badass” guy who’s always mad. Noah Czerny, the one with a huge secret and the one who notices everything but say nothing. Last but not least, Adam Parrish, the guy who has a scholarship to go to Aglionby because he’s poor and can’t afford it. Also, he likes Blue a lot, and he’s my favorite.

As you can see, they are all different and that’s what I liked the most. I loved how different people with different personalities got along so well. I like the diverse personalities in a book because that make a story so much better. I loved the world building, the character development, the plot twist, the secrets… everything. There wasn’t a lot of romance but those little moments were really cute. I wish Blue and Adam become something, because Gansey is good but I don’t want him with Blue. I loved having psychics in this story. Those side characters like Maura, Persephone, and Calla were so much fun and I loved how different they were. Also, Neeve was so mysterious and I need to know more about her.

“He’d chosen his weapon well: only the truth, untempered by kindness.”

On the other hand, the truth about Noah blew my mind. When I read that part I had to re-read some previous chapters when he was first introduce because oh my goodness, I didn’t saw that coming. I really, really liked that. I was sad, of course… but having a plot twist like that one was fantastic. Also, that last fight between Adam and his father made me cry so much. I was happy he decided to put an ending to that horrible life, but I was sad because now he didn’t have nothing and he was on his own… well, he had Gansey’s help.

Overall, I love supernatural stuff and that was why I wanted to read it. I’m not a huge fan of this book like a lot of people, but I have to say this first installment was s solid read and very entertaining. It started kind of slow and I thought I wouldn’t like but I did… I really did. I really liked everything (as I said a million times before), and I’m intrigued about the rest of the series. I will definitely be picking up the next book sometime in the near future. This is my first book written by Maggie Stiefvater and I’m not disappointed; her writing is unique. I recommend you all to read it if you are a fan of paranormal books.


(That was me last night)


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