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Red Queen Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: YA Fantasy / Dystopia
 Rating: ★★★

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Actual Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

This book follows Mare Barrow, a poor girl who has red blood. This world is divided by the silvers and the reds. The silvers have powers, the red doesn’t. A mysterious man helps her and she goes to work with the King. When she arrives, they’re looking for a girl to be Cal’s wife and she realizes that Cal was the one who helped her. After that, she realizes she has a freaking power, but she has red blood so how is that possible? They don’t know, but with that a lot of problems come along the way. Anyone can betray anyone.

“Their blood is a threat, a warning, a promise. We are not the same and never will be.”

I re-read this book and I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoyed this book. The first time I enjoyed it, but the second time I didn’t liked it as much as the first time. In this book, I didn’t like Mare as a main character. I thought she was selfish, annoying, and reckless. She has a really cool power and she decided to join the Scarlet Guard after she is told her brother is dead and he was part of the guard. Also, because she wanted justice, equality and freedom, but I don’t know… I didn’t like the Scarlet Guard either. Okay, they have a cause but I think it isn’t well defined. Also, I think Farley is full of surprises and she’s going to do big things on Glass Sword. Since I read about Shade’s death, I knew there were something strange and that it couldn’t be true… I wasn’t wrong!!!!!

On the other hand we have Cal and Maven. I think Cal is a lovely boy who just wanted to make his father proud. YES, I think he loves Mare and he would choose her over everything, but you know, sometimes the love for the family is bigger than anything. However, Maven is a jackass. He has a thirst for power and his reign will be a huge mess, I can tell. I knew I couldn’t trust him but I did, again. He has this freaking wicked and enchanted personality (even though at the ending he was an asshole) that tricked me into trust him again, and again.

“This world is Silver, but it is also gray. There is no black-and-white.”

This book, as a introduction, was poor. I think the story and the plot were really good, but it was so darn predictable; it didn’t blew my mind. As my best friend says, you should read this book without reading the summary because it spoils everything and that’s what makes the story so freaking predictable. Also, I thought this book have a lot in common with Shadow and Bone. I love superpowers and I enjoy dystopia, but this book is weird and I don’t even know how to explain it. And yeah, I get why people love it so much and I don’t judge them, but I just can’t love it. Victoria’s writing is easy to read and I liked it. Even though I didn’t liked this as much as I thought I would, I have high expectations for Glass Sword. I already have my copy waiting to be read. If later I want to say more about this book I’ll update this review and I’ll let you guys know.

I recommend this book to all of you, because it is a good book. Don’t let my weird review change your mind. Remember to follow my best friend advice “read it without reading the summary” and you will enjoy this more than me. Go and buy it (here), and also buy Glass Sword (here).


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