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I think Bookstagram is an amazing community. I have my account, and mostly I post pictures of my books (they are my own pictures) but sometimes I post about other things. A while ago I saw someone talking shit (sorry, but that’s the word I have to use) about the account of a bookstagrammer I like and admire. I was shocked because I don’t get why people have to be mad about bookstagrammers posting other things that aren’t book related.

Social media is used to promote any kind of stuff. If you don’t like seeing post about something else on a bookstagram account you should unfollow that person and do not talk shit. You can’t be mean to someone just because they post something that isn’t book related. If a company likes an account and they want to send some merchandise to them to promote they should do it and people don’t have to feel bad about it. Most of the time, bookstagrammers don’t receive monetary compensation when they promote watches, for example. They just do it because the company contacted them, and they liked their offer.

I encourage bookstagrammers to post anything they want. You don’t have to feel bad just because your post is not about a book. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PLEASE OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IS YOUR ACCOUNT. You don’t have to feel bad because a company likes your pictures. Your account is the product of your hard work, be happy about it. If you don’t want to change your account’s essence, you can combine the thing you’re promoting with your books. I know this is a random discussion, but I was disappointed because people can be mean over stupid things and that’s sad.



8 thoughts on “Bookstagram

  1. amen to this! it’s like some people dont have chill… and it’s not even their account >.> besides it’s not always about the posts but it’s knowing the person behind the account, right?


  2. I’m a fan of *if you don’t like something someone posted, just keep scrolling.* Especially with something so inconsequential. I LOVE bookstagram, & I like when bookstagrammers post things not book related. Like, yes, show me your pet & those cute clothes & food you got today! I find most bookstagrammers have around 70% or more of their posts about books, who cares if 30% or less of them AREN’T books? And if it is a big deal (I get it, you want books & nothing but books on a bookstagram account, that’s totally cool! We like what we like!!), there’s no reason to be so rude to someone about it.

    Just seems like so much energy put into being negative for no reason with no provocation. Not cool.


  3. Agreed. My feed is a ‘messy one’ about 60% books and 40% other stuff (board games, travel stuff). I know i have less bookstagram followers because of that mix but I just post what makes me happy 🙂


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