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Strands of Bronze and Gold Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: Strands of Bronze and Gold
Author: Jane Nickerson
Genre: YA Fantasy / Historical Fiction
 Rating: ★★★★

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This book follows the life of Sophie Petheram after her father died. She received a letter from Monsieur Bernard de Cressac, her godfather, who is her legal guardian. She didn’t have money so she accepts to go live with him. Sophie was enchanted and attracted by the charm of her godfather, but after a while she discovers the whole truth about her godfather’s past. This is a retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale.

Sophie was a shy and introvert girl who liked being free but she wasn’t. She decided to live with her godfather because she didn’t have options, but we all know there is always another option. I didn’t liked how she let herself being treated like she was nothing. I was so mad when I read those scenes when Bernard treated her like shit, like she was his possession. But I hated more that let him do what he wanted. She should’ve ran away when he started acting weird, but no, she stayed in order to help her family. She put her family before her own happiness and yeah, that’s good but not all the time.

I think Wyndriven Abbey was a beautiful place, but also a wicked one. Bernard had a dark past so the whole place had a wicked vibe in it. He had four wives and the were all dead. Curious fact: they all had red hair, and guess what? Sophie had red hair too. If I was Sophie, as soon as I discovered that, I would have ran away because the only thought in my mind would’ve been “he’s going to kill me too”.

As I said, the whole setting was beautiful and the plot was really good too. This book was set in 1855 so it had slavery. Also, women were objects and they had to do what their husbands or companions wanted. I hated that, I freaking hated it. I felt so disturbed when Bernard talked, but I was interested in his character… yeah, weird huh? It was a creepy and mysterious novel, but a really good one. I never heard about the Bluebeard fairy tale before, but it was good reading a retelling of it. At the end of the book I understood why Sophie let him so what he wanted, and I liked that she turned into a brave girl.

The character development was really good, and the romance was on point. I recommend this book to all of you who like retellings, and mysterious novels. The writing was perfect and easy to read. There’s another book but is another retelling  based on the ancient fairy tale of “Tam Lin” and it’s called The Mirk and Midnight Hour and I own it so I’ll probably read it soon.


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