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Why do I read?

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I think we all have the same question. Why do I read? Personally,  I read because I like it, because it makes me forget all my problems, because it is relaxing, because it makes me happy. When I was younger I was a depressed girl, and I was always sad. Being like that wasn’t good, because nothing cheered me up and I couldn’t find something to improve my mental health.

I liked to read when I was little, but I didn’t read that much and it wasn’t a hobby. When I realized that I needed to improve my mental health because I was sick, I decided to start reading. That’s when I started reading Percy Jackson and now it is my favorite series of all times. Reading helped me forget and also, it helped realize that I could be happy. Since then I’ve been reading non stop, and I’m finally better. I am happier than ever and it feels so good.

When I said it is relaxing, I wasn’t kidding. Sometimes when I read I feel so relaxed that I fall asleep, not because the book is boring, but because it relax me so much that I end up falling asleep. When we’re in college, we are stressed as hell and we need time to feel relaxed. If you feel stressed, pick up a book and start reading. Reading helps us in a lot of ways. It brings us happiness, joy, and also, it gives us the chance to expand our vocabulary.

Anyway, this is a short post but I wanted to let you guys know why I started reading. I enjoy reading so much and now it is an important part of me. Share with me why you started reading and how much you like and enjoy it. Thank you so much for reading, until next time. Xoxo.



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