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Lady Midnight Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: Lady Midnight
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: YA Fantasy
 Rating: ★★★★★

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There are books you buy quickly, but there are books you have to wait like 2 freaking years to finally have them. Lady Midnight is the first book of a new trilogy called The Dark Artifices. It is set in the Shadowhunter world, featuring the life of Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn family.

“Everyone is more than one thing,” said Kieran. “We are more than single actions we undertake, whether they be good or evil.”

First of all, I missed the Shadowhunter world so much and now my heart aches because I finished this book and I have to wait a whole year to get the second one. I really liked the setting of this book. It is set in Los Angeles, and they are right by the beach which is cool and I envy them. Cassandra Clare is an expert writing about forbidden love, and I love her for that. Every single love story she writes, is full of love, magic, mysteriousness, passion, and sadness.

The Blackthorn family is so united. A really young boy had to take care of his whole brothers and sisters, and if you haven’t realized, that happens a lot in our real world. I really enjoyed how they support each other and how they looked out for each other now that they’re bigger. Every single member of this family is different and unique, and you can see the diversity in their interests. On the other hand, we have the amazing Emma Carstairs, which by the way reminds me of Jace Herondale. Emma is a strong woman, I feel proud of her you know, she dealt with the loss of her parents and she couldn’t stop grieving but she trained every day, and she is becoming one of the best shadowhunters in the world. Cristina is a latina and she is amazing. I appreciate and enjoy having diversity in books.

“Lex malla, lex nulla. A bad law is no law.”

You all know the plot of this book; forbidden love and betrayal. You also know who are the ones that are in love. Guess what? I SHIP THEM. THEY ARE OTP. I NEED THEM TOGETHER. I really, reaaaaaally think they are so freaking cute, and they are right for each other. Stupid law and curse that prevent them of being together. Because of the law and their families they have to put their love and their happiness away, because if they don’t do that, there are going to be a few problems. Also, we have the other part of the plot; betrayal. The Blackthorn family had a good friend that was creating murderers in order to bring his true love back to life. When I realized who he was, I was shocked and I screamed for like an entire hour. I almost forgot, THE LOST HERONDALE IS NO LONGER LOST AND IM SO EXCITED GUYS.

“Being told that love is forbidden does not kill love. It strengthens it.”

Overall, I think Cassie did an amazing job writing this book. It was so freaking good and it didn’t have a boring chapter. It was an action-packed, fast paced story. I liked how this story talked about mental illness, and about family. It is really good that Cassie wrote about mental illness in this amazing world. Julian is one of the most mature man I’ve ever read about and I just need to love him a little bit more every day. The ending left me thinking about City of Ashes. I think that what we’re going to read in the next book about two characters will be something like Clary and Simon in City of Ashes. I don’t even know why I think that, but I do so don’t judge me. Also, every name of each chapter was taken from the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe, and now I just want to read it. I recommend this book to everyone, of course. Everyone should read every shadowhunter book because this world is absolutely brilliant, beautiful and badass. You won’t regret it. Stop being a mundane, and welcome to the Shadowhunter world.

“She soared above the ground, and he kept her tethered to the earth. Without him she would be lost among the clouds.”

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