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Book Recommendations: Retellings

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.39.38 PMSo I decided to recommend you guys some retellings. I don’t know if you like to read retellings but I absolutely do. I liked how authors take the original story, and write a whole new world with a whole new plot, but with some essence of the original story (am I making any sense?). Anyway, without further ado, here are some retellings you should read.

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass: Why do you have to read this book? First of all, Sarah wrote it and it is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Who doesn’t like that story?

2. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer: Each book of this series follows a different disney princess. Cinder is about Cinderella; Scarlet is about Little Red Riding Hood; Cress is about Rapunzel; Winter is about Snow White. The story entwined every single princess in a whole new sci-fi world, and story.

3. Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge: This book is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. I have to say, this book is a little complex at the beginning but once you get into the story you will love it. Rosamund’s writing is beautiful, I swear.

4. Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson: This book is a retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale. It is a little creepy, but good. I read it a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it!

5. Insanity by Cameron Jace: This is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. This story is really weird and it plays with your mind, but it is really freaking good. A lot of people don’t know about this series but everyone should.

There you have it. Those are the books I wanted to recommend to you guys. Have you read any of those books? Do you want to read them? Let’s talk in the comments. I hope you have a wonderful day. Until next time, xoxo!


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