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What Should a Book Have to Get a 5 Star Rating?

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As you may know, I like reviewing books. I don’t give 5 star rating all the time, but when I do is because I loved the book way too much. Ratings are way too personal, so what I’m going to say is what I think, not what others think or should think. For me, a book has to have a wonderful world building, an amazing character development, a great plot, and a beautiful writing in order to get a 5 star rating.

First, world building. Why do I need that? Because sometimes that is what get you into the story. If you give me a wonderful plot but I poor world building, I won’t give a five star rating to your book. When I read Soundless by Richelle Mead (you can read my review here), I really enjoyed the plot because it was something different but it didn’t have a great world building. The book was easy to read, but the writing wasn’t beautiful. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoyed it; I’m saying I couldn’t give it a 5 star rating.

Second, character development. Why is this important? Most of the time, when we start reading a book, the main character is shy, fragile and annoying. If you keep reading the book because you’re enjoying the story, but the main characters keeps being an annoying useless person, you’ll get mad. That’s why character development is really important. I know a lot of people who end up giving 3 or 4 star rating to a book because the book didn’t have a good character development. We, readers, like to see our characters grow into amazing and mature persons. So keep that in mind, authors.

Third, great plot. When I say great post, I mean a book with a marvelous plot and a rollercoaster of emotions. I don’t have to say a lot about this because we all think different about the plots. Great plots? A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass, The Mortal Instruments, Crimson Bound… and more.

Fourth, the last but not least, the writing. There are some authors out there who have a complex writing. Don’t get me wrong, I admire those authors because having the skill to write in such a complex way is fantastic. I do like and prefer, a beautiful and easy to read writing because this help me to get way too fast into the story and also, I tend to enjoy it more.

Those are the things that I consider when I’m rating books. As I said, I like reviewing books and I hate giving a low rating, but sometimes I just have to do it. I don’t give a 5 star rating just to make authors happy, because I think they appreciate our honesty. I don’t think you are like me, but I think those four things are really important to consider when we’re going to rate a book. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments, and also, let me know those things you consider when you’re rating a book. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo!

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