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Sex in YA Books

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Hello everyone!

Lately, I’ve been wondering why people think is bad to have sex scenes in YA books. Personally, I think it’s really great to have some of those in books no matter the genre. We, young adults, have sex and there’s no need to hide it. It is a normal thing, so why do we have to think that it’s bad that authors write about it in YA books?

As young adults, we go through a lot of phases in our lives. We get boyfriends/girlfriends, new friends, cars, we start going out and also, we start having sex. I like when an author writes the life of a character as normal as our real life. I like reading characters who go through the same phases we do. For example, Sarah J. Maas wrote sex scenes and menstruation in the Throne of Glass series. I really enjoyed those scenes because Celaena was normal like us and she had PMS like we do, and she had sex just because she wanted to like we do sometimes.

I know a lot of adults think that having sex scenes in YA books encourage teenagers to have sex, and let me tell you… YOU’RE WRONG. Not because we read about it, we’re going to start having sex like crazy aliens. It’s good to have normal stuff in YA books, because thanks to that we can feel related to the characters, their life and even their problems. Sometimes when I read a book and the character doesn’t have a normal life I tend to think the character is a robot (I’m laughing but it’s true, I do think that).

I’m not saying a YA book should have explicit sex scenes, because I’m not. If a YA book have explicit sex scenes then it wouldn’t be a YA book, it would be an Erotica book like Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m just saying that YA books should have normal things that we, teenagers, go through. As I said, we have sex, we have problems with our parents, we get bullied at school/college, we get into fights with our friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, we get pushed into using drugs, we have suicidal thoughts and more. It would be good to have those things in books more often. It would be amazing to have sex as a normal thing in books, and stop thinking it is a freaking taboo.


I hope you all enjoy this post. I just needed to get this out of my system because I think we need more of those normal stuff in YA books. We need to stop criticizing authors because of the things they write; we need to support them. If an author decides to write about sex in his/her book, we should support it because sex is a normal thing. As I said, I hope you enjoy this. If you have thoughts about this, let’s talk in the comments. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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6 thoughts on “Sex in YA Books

  1. I don’t read much YA, but I’m fine when I do encounter sensual scenes and situations (which I differentiate from “sex scenes,” because I consider those to be much more graphic.), as long is it flows organically and addresses the characters desire appropriately. You’re right to say that it makes the character more relatable, but simply talking about sex (whether or not the character has it) makes the relationship the character is in seem more authentic. It’s not something to shy away from, provided it flows well into the plot and is done tastefully.


  2. I totally agree with you! I feel like sex should be a topic presented in YA, especially the dimensions of safe sex and how different it is from the images presented on the media and porn.


  3. This is an interesting topic to discuss.

    Its a difficult one for me to wrap around, because you are right, teens have sex. I wasn’t a reader as a child or teen. I had sex as a teen, but now that I am a parent I teach my littles to wait. I wish I had. As an adult I began to see things differently, then later as a parent it solidified my adult view of holding off on physical relationships.

    I don’t actually mind when a ya character has sex, as long as its tasteful and not trying to romanticize it like a regency novel. I never use novels to learn about life, but I guess it can be a normal thing for some teens, so I agree with the safe sex comments.

    I do like this new adult vs young adult divide. My teen is not ready for the physical aspect of relationships and still squirms at the thought of a first kiss, so keeping the more physical action in NA and not YA works for my baby. The teen yrs are so diverse in maturity levels. But I think the scene in the Iron Fey series was done well, also in TID. Those scenes made sense for the situation. There are other ya stories that the sex scene is done well, but those stories definitely worked for me.

    I am still not on board with the menstruation in books. I only read for fun escape and thats something I can’t wait to escape..lol I also mainly read fantasy, so I don’t care for the characters to be relatable in any other way than personality, motovation, struggle or thought, so normal everyday nody flow issues are not fun in those worlds for me. But when I read a contemporary or a world in our “real world” I agree that it is important for the characters to have relatable situations as we experience in our everyday.

    Haha sorry for the long rant. I just love to have real discussions about stories and content.

    Happy Reading!

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