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I’ll Give You the Sun Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: I’ll Give You the Sun
Author: Jandy Nelson
Genre: YA Contemporary/ Realistic Fiction
 Rating: ★★★★★


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This book follows the life of Noah and Jude, the twins, who were inseparable but they started facing different problems and phases, so they fell apart.

First of all, let’s talk about Noah. I didn’t liked his character in the beginning. I thought he was selfish because he acted like he wanted everything for himself. I knew I was wrong after he told the truth to Guillermo, Jude and his dad. He was protecting his family. He wanted them to think they were going to be a happy family again. In some way he felt responsible for his mother’s death. About Brian, well… Noah was selfish with him. He wanted Brian completely to himself. He couldn’t have friends <<girlfriends>> because Noah felt betrayed. They were both gays, they had feelings for each other, but Brian had to hide his true self in order to achieve some things because if the world knew he was gay, he wouldn’t get anything. That part felt so real, because that is what the LGBTQ+ community live day by day, and it’s sad.

“Sometimes you think you know things, know things very deeply, only to realize you don’t know a damn thing.”

Jude was my favorite. In some ways I thought she was me. She lost herself once, and then she did everything in order to find herself (that’s how I saw it). She believed everything her grandma taught her before she died. She did everything her grandma had in her “own bible” (I thought it was cool). She believed in ghosts (HOW COOL IS THAT?), her grandma talked to her as a ghost and her mother broke everything she did as a ghost. I really enjoyed how she and her mentor (Guillermo) helped each other without knowing it. Guillermo was lost, he didn’t do art anymore but then, Jude came into her life and helped him to get out of his misery. Along the way, she met this sexy and mysterious guy who lived with Guillermo. Oscar, the mysterious guy, was weird like Jude and I think that was what brought them together. As I said before, in some ways I thought Jude was me, but I also thought Oscar was me. He was the kind of person who shut his feeling, the kind of person who wouldn’t let anyone in. I AM LIKE THAT.

“His soul might be a sun. I’ve never met anyone who had the sun for a soul.”

I enjoyed how art was a main part of the story. I loved how Noah created portraits inside his head, and how Jude started creating sand sculptures and later changed into stone sculptures. The most beautiful thing was how they find their way together throughout the story. As the quote says “maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story”. Even though they had their issues and their own problems, they were the most beautiful siblings I’ve ever read. Having a parent who cheated was heartbreaking, and I know a lot of readers felt sad when they read this part because a lot of people have dealt with that. Every single character was important in this story. Every single character was unique in its own way. I would love to read more about Oscar, the twin’s parents, and Guillermo.

“We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.”

A book about art, reality, love, forgiveness, loss, strength, family, and union. Such a unique story… I can’t find one similar to this one (if you know one let me know). Jandy Nelson has an amazing – beautiful writing style, and it is really easy to read. This book is a roller coaster of emotions. You will cry, laugh, throw your book into a precipice, try to catch the book before it’s too late (HAHAHA, I’m kidding). You don’t have to find reasons to read this book; you just have to go to the bookstore, buy this book and start reading it without complaining. You won’t regret it. Hands down to Jandy Nelson, now she’s an auto buy author.

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