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Zenith Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: Zenith
Author: Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings
Genre: YA Fantasy / Sci – Fi
 Rating: ★★★★★


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This book follows Andromeda known as the Bloody Baroness. She is the captain of the starship The Maurader. A lot of people fear Andi and her crew, so they are always running non-stop in order to maintain hide. But, there’s trouble in the Mirabel Galaxy. Someone is looking for Andi because he wants her to do a job. She needs to bring someone back home… ALIVE.

The whole plot and world building was really good. When I was reading, I was thinking about the prisoner in Cell 377 because I wanted to know who he was, but I kept reading and there was nothing about him… until those last chapters. I didn’t see that coming, but I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen along the way to Andi and her crew.

Andi and her crew were amazing. I loved how well they interacted with each other and how they watch each others back. I would love to read more about every one of them, especially about Lira. Another character I really enjoyed was Dex. I know a lot of people found him annoying but I think he was this quirky character we always need in books. He was intriguing, and I’m imagining him as a hot (REALLY HOT) guy, so please Sasha and Lindsay, don’t disappoint me… hahahaha, I’m kidding. I really need to know more about Andi and Dex. They betrayed each other three years ago and now they have to work together, haha. Also, he was the one who taught her everything about killing and being a badass woman. So yeah, I need to know more about their past together. I just need to.

I enjoy sci-fi very much, and having a book of this genre by an amazing booktuber and amazing character is brilliant. The concept of this book is very unique. Sci-fi and Pirates? Isn’t that fascinating? I was hooked since I started reading it last night when it came out, then I fell asleep when I was halfway through it but as soon as I woke up, I started reading it until I finished it. Zenith is a great start to the Androma Saga. The writing style was stunning, these two girls have A+. Releasing parts of this book once in a while is good because it will keep everything more interesting, mysterious, and intriguing. I highly recommend this book if you want something easy to read, and also, if you like pirates and badass characters. I know you won’t regret it. It’s a quick read, so it won’t take you two hours to read it. Go and buy it wherever eBooks are sold.

NOTE: If you want to support these two authors, make sure to post your reviews on Amazon. I know a lot of you want this book in paperback or hardcover, so leaving reviews on Amazon could really help these young authors. 

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