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Read-A-Thons… Yes or Nah?!

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Hello everyone!

I know all of you have seen different kind of read-a -thons all over the internet. Some of you participate and some of you don’t. Personally, I don’t participate but I have my reasons. I think read-a-thons are bad and good at the same time. Weird huh? I’ll explain better in a bit.

First of all, what’s a read-a-thon? It’s a type of marathon where people set a time and tons of books to read in a specific period. Example, Nino’s Summer Read-A-Thon from July 15 to July 24, you have to read the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series between those days, if you don’t… well, you failed the read-a-thon.

Why read-a-thons are good? Well, they help to achieve your Goodreads Reading Challenge. Probably on July 15, you are behind schedule on your reading challenge but casually you find a read-a-thon hosted by someone on Instagram and you decide to join. It will help you because you have a deadline, so you have to read a lot of books. Read-a-thons usually have discussions where people like you can join to talk about how they’re doing with the read-a-thon and sometimes having people to talk about books, motivate you to keep reading… to read more. Read-a-thons also encourage you to re-read some books you love like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson.

Why I don’t participate? Why are they bad? I think read-a-thons force people to read so fast that sometimes when people reach the last page of the book, they can’t remember what they read, or they don’t know how to write a review because they didn’t understand the story. Probably, that’s because they read so fast they forgot to enjoy and analyze the story, and were just thinking about “I HAVE TO FINISH THIS BOOK. I NEED TO READ ANOTHER. I NEED TO READ MORE BOOKS THAN ANYONE. I NEED TO BE THE MASTER OF THIS READ-A-THON. I THINK I’LL JOIN THE DARK SIDE TO BE BETTER, TO READ FASTER”… well, the dark side? What the fuck is wrong with me? HAHA, anyway, back to the topic.

I don’t think it’s good to read fast because of a read-a-thon. Sometimes, as I said, you end up not enjoying the book, but probably if you would’ve took your time to read at your own pace you would’ve ended up enjoying the story very much. I feel like some people think read-a-thons are like an oath and if they don’t complete them, they’re going to suffer the consequences like going to hell, being possessed by a ghost or being murder by someone with a white mask. Okay, sorry for that, I need to stop watching Scream and Supernatural.

Yeah… read-a-thons are a big ‘nah’ for me. I don’t like feeling rushed into reading a book or a series. I like to take my time, talk with people on twitter about it, and talking to myself because I do that a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging those who like to participate in read-a-thons. If you like it, keep doing it because you can let someone opinions get into your head. I just don’t like, and I won’t participate in them. I like catching up with my reading challenge at my own pace, without feeling stressed because of a deadline.

Ashleigh from A Frolic Through Fiction, an amazing book blogger, wrote a post about this too, so I’ll leave the link to her post here.

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I hope you all enjoy this post. Feel free to talk to me about this topic in the comments because I would love to read what you think about read-a-thons. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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12 thoughts on “Read-A-Thons… Yes or Nah?!

  1. Thank you for linking my post too 🙂
    Like I’ve said before, I just think readathons are too much pressure for slow readers like me. Plus, reading should never feel like you’re failing, so if I failed a readathon I’d feel so bad. It’s why I don’t set my Goodreads Challenge too high either. I’d only take part if I knew I had a good chance of completing it!


  2. I am a cheater. I like read-a-thons only to try to reach my GR challenge goal, so this is when I read all the novellas or series extras. I also like to do rereads for read-a-thons, because then I have no fear of not remembering the story. I like challenges, but I don’t beat myself up if I “fail”. I use them to push me out of a reading slump sometimes as well.

    Happy Reading. D


  3. I agree with you. Since I started blogging, I have gone through phases where I have felt concerned about the speed I read at. I’ve found myself rushing through books for the sake of reviews. In the end I am only hurting myself. I started blogging because I love books. That has to be the most important thing, otherwise there is hardly any point in doing it in the first place.


  4. I totally understand what you mean about reading too fast. I personally LOVE read-a-thons and have participated in a few. 🙂 At first I was really rushing myself and it was difficult and annoying, but I’ve realized that read-a-thons should really be more about making more TIME to read, not reading FASTER.


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