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Illusion (Illusion #1) by Nadette Rae Rodgers | Book Review


Goodreads Blurb

Book: Illusion

Author: Nadette Rae Rodgers

Genre: YA Supernatural / Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★

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You know when a book is so intriguing and you can’t stop reading? That’s what happened with this book.

This book follows the life of Addison who has unusual dreams. She didn’t know they were so unusual until she wakes up and finds a lot of bruises and blood on her pillow. There’s a guy hunting Addison in her dreams, but there’s also a perfect guy saving her. Guess what? Next day, she goes to school and finds a new transfer student… he is the perfect guy from her dreams.

As I said at the beginning, this book is so intriguing. Just the fact that you don’t know if it’s all an illusion or the reality had me hooked. Dreams can be messy in this book. Personally, I like to dream, but when I wake up I forget about what I dreamed that night. Sometimes I was confused by the dreams because I didn’t know if it was an illusion or a reality, but that was a good thing because I think that’s important in this book; having you trying to figure out if the whole thing is an illusion or reality.

There are different kind of dreamers. Addison is a rare kind of dreamer and that’s why “It” is hunting her in her dreams (or can I say, in reality too?). I think it’s pretty cool this thing about dreamers, but I wish to know more about it. A guide or a chapter explaining everything about the different kind of dreamers could really help, and it would be awesome because I want to know more about it to have the chance to like a kind of dreamer and say “Oh, I totally  want to be this kind of dreamer”. Anyway, someone is hunting her because she’s a rare kind of dreamer and he needs her. He wants to teach her everything about this dreamer thing and wants to be unstoppable. Honestly, she should learn how that dreams thing work, because I need to know. I’m dying here without knowing how it works.

Everything happened while she’s in high school and I think it was a good a thing. I don’t think it would be that kind of awesome if this happened while she was working or whatever. Sometimes when I read that Zach wanted/needed to protect Addison, I thought about Katy and Daemon Black from Obsidian, and I was totally fine with it because I loved them too. Addison and Zach were great characters. Sometimes I felt sad because Addison couldn’t have a normal life. She couldn’t drive because what if she fall asleep, start dreaming and kill someone along the way? That would be awful, and how could she explained what really happened if everyone would think she’s crazy? Zach, man… is he even real? Hahaha, I mean, sometimes I was confused about it because he was not only in her dreams, but in real life too. I just couldn’t figure out when he was real and when he was just a dream. I was annoyed by it because I’m this kind of person who wants to figure things out and know everything perfectly, but I just couldn’t.

The whole plot was really good, and you know what was even better? The ending. IT BLEW MY MIND. What the fuck was that? Is this whole thing real or not? I’m going crazy right now and I wish to have the second book to find some answers. I absolutely enjoyed this book… a lot. The writing was so easy to read, and every chapter has something that leave you wanting to read the next chapter and when you realize you’re almost finishing the book. Really, it is intriguing and you NEED to know what happens next. I highly recommend this read if you like paranormal stuff, and want a quick read for the summer; or fall; or winter; or spring… haha.

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Nadette Rae Rodgers is a new author and I must say, she has a lot of potential as a writer. If you want to support this author make sure to post your review everywhere, but especially on Amazon. Thank you Nadette, for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Go and but it on: Amazon; or on Barnes & Noble.


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