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Why I Haven’t Finished Reading Every Harry Potter Book?

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Hello everyone!


Yes, I have read the first four books.

Do I want to continue reading them? Yes, I do.

Why I haven’t? Because I’ve heard and read every single spoilers about it on the internet or even in person. You know, there are a lot of Potterheads who think every single person in this freaking world have read HP. Let me tell you, YOU’RE WRONG.

When I was a kid there were a lot of kids at school talking and reading everything about HP, but I didn’t show any interest in it. When I was in second grade, the first movie came out and people was going insane because THEY NEEDED TO SEE THAT MOVIE. Days, weeks, months, even years passed and I didn’t showed any interest in it. In 2012, my best friend decided to start reading HP and now she’s a huge fan of it. She encourage me to read it but I didn’t. Two years after that I decided to give it a shot and read the first book. I downloaded an eBook and started reading it to see what the hype was about. Truth is, I liked it… I really did. After that I watched the movie which I think was a waste of my precious time, because I didn’t liked it at all. Then I read the second book and I liked it. I was actually getting why was all the hype. I watched the second movie, and man… what a piece of shit. Anyway, when I read the third book I fell in love with the characters. I found that book so well written and the story was getting more unique and phenomenal. After that, I saw the movie and my heart was broken because it was so shitty. I couldn’t believe it was so bad. Later, I read the fourth book and I started to think differently. I didn’t liked it and I didn’t liked the movie. If you haven’t realized, I was disappointed. I had high expectations and they went down into a cliff after reading the fourth book.

After all that disappointed I decided to take a break from HP. I didn’t wanted to continue reading it because in a way I felt sad. I wanted to enjoy it so much. At some point I thought “am I weird?” and “what is wrong with me?” because as Potterheads say “who doesn’t like HP?”.

As I said before, a lot of Potterheads think every single person have read HP. They start writing and saying things like crazy and in some ways I’ve lost my interest in continue reading these books. Even though I’ve lost my interest, I’m going to read them eventually. I mean, I want to enjoy them and like them. I think the Wizarding World is a unique one and I should appreciate it more.  I think Potterheads should calm down, and let people enter to this world without knowing what’s going to happen or who’s going to die. Yeah, it’s difficult but whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I respect this fandom. I think it’s a great and fantastic one, and I’d love to be part of it. I swear, I’ll be part of it soon. Maybe before the end of the year.

 So yeah, I haven’t finish these books because of my disappointment, but I think I’m getting out of my “disappointment zone”. I think I’m actually ready to continue reading these books. I’ll probably re-read the first four books before continue with the rest of the series.

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There you have it. I wanted to share this with all of you. Have you read this series? Do you like it? Let’s talk in the comments. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Finished Reading Every Harry Potter Book?

  1. I too have only read the first four books! I tried reading the fifth one when I was like 15 years old or something and I just couldn’t get through it. I’m not really good with reading big books and that one is the biggest. And then of course all of the films came out and I kind of lost interest in reading the rest. I really do want to continue on with the series eventually as well, but it just hasn’t felt like the right time just yet.


  2. I’ve adored the Harry Potter books for years, but it doesn’t surprise me when people haven’t read it. One of my best friends hasn’t read them, and while I think everyone should, I don’t think it’s crazy that they haven’t. I mean, it’s a big series, and must be daunting with how much we Potterheads love it.
    Honestly, the fourth book is my least favourite of the lot. It just seemed completely different from the original story, and all the characters are more angry…and when the book is so long, it can be a bit of a slog to get through. But I love the rest much more than that one, so I hope if you manage to pick up the series again, you enjoy the last three books much more! ❤


  3. Book four was a bummer for me too. It took the longest for me to get through, but book five picked up and six is my favorite.

    I actually watched all the movies except the last two before I started reading them, so the books felt like they had special gems for me to find.

    Plus I am older so the graduation from a children’s book to the more mature epicness (is that a word?) the story reaches really helped boost my love for this story. I don’t usually read tween or children’s books, and I didn’t grow up with these books. I actually only found out about HP from the movies. I was a classics and Brit Lit addict till HP started my love for reading fantasy rather than just watching it.

    I think I like reading books after a movie so I am not disappointed in either. Maybe that is where you are getting burned out from? The books are usually much better than movie adapts IMO.

    My young reader refuses to read HP b/c he has seen all the movies. He is a huge Percy Jackson fan, but was so let down by the movies that he refuses to read a book if he has already seen the movie or vise versa.

    I hope you do give the HP books another try, but when you are ready.

    Happy Reading D


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