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Are Some Fandoms Insane?

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Hello everyone!

I don’t usually upload two posts in the same day, but I was thinking about this last night.

So… I think some fandoms are insane. 

Yeah, they’ve been crazy forever, but lately it’s something out of control.

Every morning I go to Twitter because a couple of girls and I have a group chat, which is amazing by the way. So yeah, I go to Twitter every morning and after I read their messages, I go to the timeline to read tweets I missed while I was sleeping.  Oh my god, why are people fighting all the time in some fandoms in specific. Yeah, because not all the fandoms are fighting. Wanna know which fandoms are fighting like crazy these days?


Those amazing books have crazy fandoms and it’s annoying. It’s obvious and acceptable that we all have different opinions. I love different opinions. Thing is, there are people in Twitter who forgot how we’re suppose to respect each others opinions. If someone tweet an opinion about those books and someone who doesn’t think the same read the tweet, that person we’ll start a fight, I swear.

It’s crazy and annoying how disrespectful a person can be. We use a platform to share our thoughts about books and talk with others in this community with respect, like adults. What’s the freaking big deal if someone think different than you? Is it hard to respect someone’s opinion? Are you a savage? God. These kind of things make me so mad, because I’m not a little girl, I’m an adult and I like to talk with people who think different than me  because it’s entertaining and amazing.

The fights have been because of OTPs, yeah… freaking OTPs. Yes, we all want different OTPs, of course… but why do you need to fight because someone prefer a OTP different than yours? Some people want Aelin with Chaol; or Dorian; or Rowan; or even Lysandra (I’d love this tbh). Anyway, yeah… I love Dorian with all my heart but I know Aelin won’t be with him. To be honest, I want Aelin to be alone because she doesn’t need a man by her side to be a powerful woman because she already is, but oh well… we’ll see what happens. I’m ready for anything. See… I share my opinion, I’m not fighting, there’s no need to fight. Others are fighting because of Rhys and Tamlin, but that is something I want to talk in another post soon because I have a lot to say.

The point of this discussion is to tell you guys that we need to respect each others opinions. Twitter is an amazing platform where I’ve met amazing people, so please, don’t make it a bad place with all these fights. Respect each other, talk like adults, realize once and for all that everyone has the right to have different opinions because they are amazing.

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I hope you enjoy this post. If you feel offended by this post, I’m not sorry. I haven’t said anything bad… I just wrote the truth. If you have any thoughts about this, feel free to share them in the comments. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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13 thoughts on “Are Some Fandoms Insane?

  1. Too true. It’s why I hardly tweet anything related to those books despite them being my favourites, because there’s just so much fandom drama already I just don’t want to add to that *shrugs*


  2. It’s so funny that you mention this, I literally just read a post by another blogger explaining that she doesn’t want to read The Throne of Glass or ACOTAR series because the fandoms are so aggressive.


  3. The Throne of Glass fandom is ridiculous. I wouldn’t consider myself part of the fandom because despite enjoying the first two books tremendously (and being literally in LOVE with Chaol Westfall), I really disliked Queen of Shadows and promptly ‘left’ the fandom. But I do have very strong feelings about those books and Sarah J. Maas as a writer, which I often express on Tumblr or sometimes Twitter. I try to be respectful and I keep my unpopular opinions on my accounts, but God, the amount of times I have been attacked and told to keep my mouth shut because I’m not a bestselling author… it’s so infuriating. It’s one thing if someone who doesn’t like the series goes on every single positive review and proceeds to crap on the people who enjoyed it, but it’s quite another thing if a person respectfully discusses their problems on their OWN accounts. People should be able to do that without fearing getting mobbed by fans. It’s insane. Chill out, it’s a book…

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks


  4. hahah I’ve definitely seen some crazy fans for ACOTAR and ToG. Some people get reallllllllly mean about it, it’s crazy! I wasn’t even a huge fan of ACOTAR hahah. ACOMAF is better to me though.

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


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