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Discussions? If You Can’t Handle Them, Don’t Start Them!

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Hello everyone!

There has been a lot of drama lately on Twitter, and I just needed to say something about it. I couldn’t write my thoughts on a tweet, because 140 characters aren’t enough.

To be honest, I feel disappointed and ashamed by this community. It isn’t the same. Yes, changes are good; improvements are good, but not when people in this community change into whole different persons when it comes to have discussions. I love debating and having discussion with readers on Twitter or another platform where we can talk, but I hate debating with someone who’s going to be rude to anyone who thinks different than him/her.

As you may know, we have discussions to share our thoughts and opinions about an specific topic. What some people apparently can’t understand is that every single person has the right to think different than them. That is why there has been a lot of drama around twitter these past few weeks. I like hearing different thoughts, and I love debating with people who think different than me. In some ways, having those discussion help us grow into mature persons. Sadly, there are people who are going to be rude to you just because you think different than them. That’s why the title of this post it “Discussions? If You Can’t Handle Them, Don’t Start Them!”.

If you are the kind of person who gets mad because someone thinks different than you, don’t start a discussion. If you’re the kind of person who’s going to call someone’s opinion toxic because their opinions are different than yours, don’t start a discussion. If you’re going to tell me how ignorant I am because I don’t share the same opinion as you, don’t start a discussion.

For example, if you start a discussion about ‘diversity’, you need to understand that a lot of people have different opinions about that topic. You can’t be mean to someone who has different opinions than you, you CAN’T. Here’s my thought about diversity: I want more diversity in books, but if you want diversity… you need to understand and accept it. You can’t say you want diversity, but hate reading a book with racism, or latins in it.  

Is it hard to respect each others opinions? Is it hard to have a nice discussion with diverse thoughts? Is it hard to be mature persons in this community? I love this community. I’ve met the most wonderful people through it, but man… some are rude, mean and immature. You don’t have to like my opinion, but the least you can do is respect it. I can’t go on Twitter or Facebook to start a discussion, and then start being mean to everyone who thinks different than me; or block anyone who thinks different than me. I’m sorry but I find that immature. I can start a whole discussion, and be a mature person while I read everyone’s opinions. As I said, I love different opinions and they are really important. If we all share the same opinion, everything would be boring.

I’ve seen a lot of people being rude on Twitter the last couple of days just because people don’t share the same opinion as them. It’s sad because we use that platform to talk and interact with readers, to share our love for reading and to share every single update of our blogs. But some of you are now using it to start discussions and then, start being mean to everyone who thinks different. 

Do people need to be rude? NO, THEY DON’T. 

What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t start a discussion if you can’t handle different opinions. You can’t be rude to me just because I think different. Respect everyone’s opinions, because we all can share our honest thoughts about a topic. Having different opinions don’t make us toxic persons like some people have been saying around twitter. Having different opinions make us wonderful human beings, and we deserve to be RESPECTED by all of you.

If I can be a mature young girl, and respect your opinions, why can’t you do the same?

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I needed to say something about all of this. Feel free to share your thoughts about this topic in the comments down below. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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12 thoughts on “Discussions? If You Can’t Handle Them, Don’t Start Them!

  1. Great post! I agree with all you say… funny thing with humans is that we often think our opinion is the truth, the one and only… and my, the double standards! XD It can be very frustrating… maybe that’s the reason I hardly voice my opinion anymore… not as often as I used to anyway… we are so easily offended these days by the smallest of things and without keeping in mind that books are art and in art everything is possible we voice our outrage over something that really doesn’t exist. To me, that’s just making our lives more complicated and filled with more negativity than is necessary. All in all, as people, as humans, we need to learn to chill the … out a bit more and not take everything personally. 🙂


  2. Well said 🙂 I agree! Don’t jump in the pot if you can’t take the heat..as the old saying goes ;D

    Thankfully that twitface thing is confusing to me so I don’t mess with it. Lol. So much book drama up in there lately.

    I totally have diff views about diversity in books. Sometimes in the story it just feels like a new marketing ploy, and the young eat it up and scream its praises. I grew up reading true stories of the african american view, the latin voice, lore, and history; India through its unique flavors. None of these YA stories have captured any of it. None of them reflect me *a total mix and mesh up of cultures and the American dream*, and honestly IDK if I want them to. I want to read worlds unlike my own. Viewpoints unlike my own but well developed for me to empathize with them. Thats what I like about books and stories. That is what diverse is to me. Not the color of the character’s skin or their sexual orientation. The inability of this world to listen to another person’s story without noticing their outward differences is the issue of this decade. It saddens and disgusts my heart and soul. So discouraging to hear it has dripped its venom into the book community. I hope it doesn’t last and the joy of reading and sharibg that joy with others wilk return. I am up for discussions on true differences of opinion with all the passion but without the hostilities.

    Again loved your post.



  3. I love writing and taking part in discussions and I completely agree with you. All opinions are welcome on my blog, and I even state that at the end of my discussion posts. I think even if the blogger who wrote the post doesn’t agree with the comments they can still be respectful. I usually say something like I can see your points or something along those lines because even when I disagree with someone I’m not so stubborn that I can’t see they have valid points. I also think certain topics are hard discuss in groups, and like you said, diversity means something different to everyone. It’s not something that I think people should be debating about. Instead, they can just respond with their own views on it without being rude. Great idea for a post!


  4. Ahh, lovely post Nino! It is so important to have open & healthy debate and I’m so glad someone addressed it in this manner. I 100% agree, don’t start a conversation you don’t want to finish or can’t handle. It’s ridiculous how crazy Twitter has gotten lately. -_-

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


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