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Why Do I Love Reading YA Fantasy?


Hello everyone!

I think most of the readers I know love to read YA fantasy. I do, too. I haven’t feel so passionate and in love with a genre before.

For me, YA Fantasy is so full of new infinite magical places that I won’t ever get tired to read about. I admire YA fantasy authors. Don’t get me wrong, I admire every author out there, but YA fantasy authors will ever have a special place in my heart. I admire them because of the creativity and imagination they have. I would love to write my own YA fantasy story, but I don’t feel like I have enough creativity to do it. I feel so inspired when I read Sarah J. Maas books because of this magical way of writing she seems to have. Her writing is like magic and so poetic, damn.

Reading YA fantasy has helped me in so many ways. I was a depressed girl back in 2011, and I couldn’t find something that would feel my heart… something that would make me feel so much better, and forget about my issues for a long period of time. I found Rick Riordan and his amazing Percy Jackson’s books. Yes, that’s middle grade, but that’s fantasy anyway. That series helped me so much, guys. You can’t imagine how good they made me feel. I feel so grateful for finding books in general, but also for finding fantasy books.

I love how reading YA fantasy books expand my imagination and desire to believe in so many things. I think it helps us to stay mentally young, to keep believing… to feel like anything is possible. When I read about a girl being strong dealing with a lot of personal issues, I feel like “if she can overcome that, I can too”. We, readers, get so inspired by characters in our reading life. We create this incredible bond with book characters, and we feel like they are our friends.

Fantasy books open doors to us to other realms we didn’t know that could exist. Personally, most of the time I think our world sucks, and I use YA fantasy books as an escape and refuge. I read YA fantasy books because I love them, because I like them, because they make me feel better, because they make me feel stronger than ever. There’s no age to read YA fantasy books. You’ll never be too old to read fantasy; you’ll never be to young to read fantasy.

Fantasy books are amazing in every single way possible. Read what makes you happy. Don’t let anyone to tell you what you have to read because of your age. Fantasy books will keep your heart and mind young, trust me.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.45.03 PMI really  hope you enjoy this post, because I enjoyed writing it. Let me know in the comments why do you love reading YA and what made you start reading this genre. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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10 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Reading YA Fantasy?

  1. Oh my god I do the “if *this character* can overcome all that, you can do this” when I’m having particularly bad days. I always thought I was being a bit silly doing that, since they’re fictional and all – especially if I think it about a character who literally fights wars and magic whereas I’m just sat doing nothing. But fantasy will never be boring to me, and the amount of motivation I get to be a strong person is just incredible ❤


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