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What I’m Reading… P.S. IT’S A GREAT BOOK!


Hello everyone!

 As the title of this post says, I’m gonna talk about my current read.

I’ve been rambling about this book all week on Twitter and on Instagram because:

1. It has a beautiful cover

2. It’s pretty good so far

I don’t even know why I waited so long to read this book, seriously. Such an amazing story and amazing characters that I didn’t knew before just because I didn’t start reading this sooner.

Honestly, I cannot say that I hate a character because I don’t but, I have two favorites. I love how different these characters are from each other, and how they complement each other somehow. The story it’s pretty amazing so far, and I’m only halfway through it. I really hope to read more today and finish it tomorrow (or let’s be honest, tonight).

Okay Nino, but tell us what you’re reading.




I’m pretty sure most of you have read this book, and its sequel, Crooked Kingdom.

I’m really excited because I finally met Kaz, Wyl, Inej, Matthias, Jesper and Nina. I love these characters so much, especially Nina and Kaz. I’m scared to finish this book because I don’t have Crooked Kingdom and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it right away. We’ll see how it goes.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book, and your thoughts about it… I would love to know. Also, let’s talk about your current read.

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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17 thoughts on “What I’m Reading… P.S. IT’S A GREAT BOOK!

      1. Yeah, I’m loving it now! The first 200 pages were very slow. Has taken me a while to read it. But it finally got into some excitement!!


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