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Holding Up the Universe Book Review


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Book: Holding Up the Universe

Author: Jennifer Niven

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★

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I wasn’t feeling well emotionally this last weekend, and I decided to start reading Holding Up the Universe. I thought that maybe it wasn’t a good idea because this book has mental health issues, and maybe it would trigger something, but that didn’t happen.

Somehow, Jennifer Niven’s stories make me feel sane. They are so good, honest and real that make me realize that I’m not alone. That I am wanted.

This story follows the life of Libby and Jack. Our girl, Libby, deals with obesity and our boy, Jack, deals with prosopagnosia which is a rare disease that won’t let you recognize faces.

I enjoyed Libby’s personality so much. I think she was so brave even though she was bullied all the time. Somehow she handle every issue, and even though it was tough, she got through everything… and everyone. Her father was such a great supporter, and their relationship was so pretty. We didn’t have a lot of scenes with her father, but when we had scenes I felt his support towards his daughter. However, I felt more connected with Jack. He was so afraid to accept that he had a disease, and that he needed help. I am like Jack.

This story was so honest, and so real that it filled me up with joy. I like reading stories like this one because they make people open their eyes, and realize that young kids go through hard stuff. Yes, we go through different and hard phases in our lives, and sometimes those phases hit us hard. I loved how these characters didn’t complain all the time about how they were feeling, and how they were being treated. Yes, it was sad and horrible how mean people can be, but Libby had good days. She had friends, and somehow I think she felt “normal” at times. I used quotation marks because she was normal no matter how fat she was. She’s a human being, that’s it. 

Jack had friends, a normal family, a beautiful girlfriend… you know, he was what people call “normal”. What I loved the most about him was how amazing he was with Libby all the time. At first he was a jackass, but then he realized he was being such an asshole and he stopped. They both took care of each other, and they made each other feel so much better.

As I mentioned before, this book made me feel sane. These characters are so powerful, that made me feel so good when everything in my life was falling down. I’m so glad I picked up this book because even though it deals with mental health, it helped me to realized some stuff without realizing it.

The ending of this book was so cute. I had high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed. I needed another book by Jennifer Niven since forever, and I’m all satisfied. To be honest, I’ll never be satisfied. I want another book by her right now.

I highly recommend this book to everyone out there because the story of Libby and Jack is amazing.

“You are wanted”

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6 thoughts on “Holding Up the Universe Book Review

  1. “somehow Jennifer Niven makes me feel sane”- that is the perfect way of putting it- I had a similar great about reading all the bright places, but it so wonderful I needn’t have feared it! Great review- I’m looking forward to this even more now


  2. “Somehow Jennifer Niven’s stories make me feel sane”- that is the perfect way of putting it! I had a similar fear about reading All the Bright Places, but in the end it was really uplifting! Great review- I’m looking forward to this even more now 🙂


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