Why Do I Tab My Books?


Hello, everyone!

Last night while I was reading and tabbing my book I decided that I should write a short post about why and how I tab my books.

I know a lot of you tab your books, highlight them and even write on them which is a great thing. First of all, I don’t think that doing those things makes you a less reader than others. You’re not harming your books, you are making them yours. Every time I tab, highlight or write in my books, I feel like I’m making them mine. Yes, I bought them so they’re mine, but somehow doing those things makes me feel like I really own them.

I started tabbing my books a couple of months ago (almost a year, I think). Before doing that, I always had a journal by my side and I wrote every single quote I liked, important parts, or even a little summary of each chapter. Somehow I started feeling tired while doing that, and I even stopped reading because I thought “if I read, I have to write… I’m not in the mood for that” which was a stupid thing to think. I remember that I started reading Queen of Shadows and I started writing, but I got so attached to the story that I forgot I was writing so, I only wrote like 3 quotes from the first six chapters. Also, while I was reading it, I started tabbing it, and it was PRETTY cool. I liked how my book looked with all those tabs when I finished reading so, I decided to keep doing it.

I use post-it flags to tab my books, and now I go crazy buying them because I run out of them really quickly. For example, I wanted to use only red post-it flags when I was reading Six of Crows and guess what happened? I ran out of red tabs and I wasn’t even in the middle of the book so, I had to choose freaking pink tabs because I didn’t have more read. I was a little bit annoyed by that, but now everything’s fine (lol).

I always highlighted my books because I liked it, but now I started underlining some parts with a colored pen. Let me tell you, it looks even more beautiful than when I highlighted them. I can use the color I want, I can match the color with the book colors, I can use multiple colors, ahhhh… it’s amazing.

Now I really feel like I own my books, and I’m gonna keep doing these things because they make me feel good. I don’t have a color code for my tabs, I just tab whatever I like. Some people have a color code when they tab books, and I think it’s a great idea but I’m too lazy to do that (lol). I do get that some people hate doing al of these things because they like to keep their books clean, but I like to do it. It’s not nice to judge others because they “damage” their books, and it’s not nice to judge others because they keep their books clean. Do what makes you feel happy, and what makes you feel comfortable.

That wraps up this post. Let me know in the comments if you do any of these things, or what you like to do. Also, if you keep your books clean, let me know because I like to know what other people do. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.

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8 thoughts on “Why Do I Tab My Books?

  1. haha!! I love this!! I do the same thing 🙂 Mostly highlight/underline, but I love the tabs idea. I’m going to have to try that one. I always warn someone who wants to borrow a book from me, because they are likely to go highlighter blind or see my most inner thoughts in the margins 🙂


  2. I love tabbing books!! It makes them look so pretty and it kind of makes me feel smart because it feels like I’m taking important notes and being organised when I’m not really. I don’t write in my books but I admire the dedication and I love how you said it can make the inside of a book pretty!! This reminds me that I should take notes more often, I rarely do it anymore!! ❤️❤️


  3. Ahh I’ve seen a lot of people tab their books and highlight and write in it! And like you said, there’s nothing wrong with it because it’s theirs, but I personally love my books in their pristine conditions 😛 but omg highlighting with different colors sound tempting I do it with my text books all the time >.<

    I think I'm wayyyy too lazy to do tabbing though hahaha I used to write down important parts too, just like you, but I'm getting tired of it and I decided to just take pictures of the book! With my phone! :') so now every time there's a quote or parts that I want to talk about on my review, I just snap a picture of it. If I read on my ipad, then I screenshot the page 😛 it's so easy hahaha but really, I love looking at books being tabbed, so colorful! ❤


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