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Hello, everyone!

I’m back, and more happy than ever.

I was away for like two months because I wasn’t feeling good emotionally, mentally and even physically. I deleted my social medias and I just kept my personal Instagram and Snapchat. There was a lot of drama especially on Twitter, and I was getting sick of it. People were treating each other really badly, and it was sad to see how people can treat each other if someone doesn’t agree with what they’re saying.

I’m going through a phase in my life where I don’t want drama around me, and I don’t want to have mean and toxic people in my life. I’m finally feeling better, and more importantly, happy. I won’t open my social medias just to promote my blog because I’ll be here posting only book reviews. I won’t pressure myself to post three times a week like I used to do before. I want blogging to be fun again like it was at the beginning.

As I said, I’m happy to be back. How’s life treating all of you? I hope everything’s okay. Xoxo.




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