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Echo (Illusion #2) by Nadette Rae Rodgers | Book Review

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Goodreads Blurb (to come)

Book: Echo

Author: Nadette Rae Rodgers (Blog | Illusion Trilogy Website)

Genre: Young Adult Supernatural / Paranormal / Thriller

Rating: ★★★★ (4.5 ★)



Thank you to the author, Nadette Rae Rodgers for sending me a copy of this book. This in no way affects my thoughts about it.  

Echo is a book that even when you’re not reading it, you find yourself thinking about it.

This book still follows the life of Addison, a girl who has very interesting but unusual dreams. She’s still trying to figure out how to handle those dreams, and how she can stop them. Along with Zach, they discover different secrets that are going to blow your mind.

“Perfect moments do exist. Dreams do come true, not just the bad ones, but the good ones, too.”

Echo is as intriguing as the first book, or even more. I enjoyed how Addison was in this book. I think she was handling everything better than she did in the first book. I can say that I felt she was more mature and more serious about how powerful she and her dreams are. Zach has always been so mature and serious; I love him for that. In this book is more easy to separate the illusions from the reality so you don’t feel confused at all.

In the first book, “It” was hunting her in reality and in her dreams. In Echo, “It” is still hunting her but somehow now I believe it’s not to hurt her but because he really needs her help to fight “them” (I need to know who are “them” and what they want). Still, he’s not approaching her in the best way possible and this book makes you believe he just wants to hurt her, but I have hope. Maybe I’m wrong, but who knows?! Well, you Nadette, you know. We know have two POV; Addison and “It”. I loved “It” chapters, they taught us so much about him and I loved that we got the chance to know him a little bit better.

Also, her aunt, who was a dreamer as well, had a lot of participation in this book. We got the chance to know her a little bit better because Nadette was clever enough to add a series of diary entries from when Aunt Carrie was younger. She’s such a mysterious character, and I just feel like I need to know a lot more about her. I’m so intrigued.

This book didn’t have a lot of action like the first book did, but maybe the author has a reason for that. I always expect some action and drama in a book, but that’s my fault. However, I did enjoy having new and important information revealed in this book. A lot of the questions that I had after reading Illusion were answered while reading Echo. Even though Echo leaves you with new unanswered questions, I’m happy that now I can understand everything a lot better.

Furthermore, one of the things that I loved and enjoyed about this book is her family. Almost every book I’ve read has family issues, but this book is not like that. Yes, the secondary characters have family issues, but the main character doesn’t. Her family is really close and they are always there for her, and that’s really important… at least for me.

I’m extremely excited and intrigued to know how this story is going to end, and how many more plot twists are going to have. Believe me, Echo had so many impressive plot twists that blew my mind. You’ll feel you’re on a roller coaster. I’m looking forward to the third and final installment of this trilogy. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be freaking amazing.

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If you haven’t read Illusion, go and pick it up before Echo comes out on September 2nd. You won’t be able to put it down.

Please, leave your reviews everywhere but especially on Goodreads and Amazon. Don’t forget to pick up Echo as soon as it comes out. Again, thank you to Nadette for sending me a copy for review, and for mentioning me in her book.

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, xoxo.



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