About Me


Hi Enchanted Readers, my name is Ninoshka Martinez and I’m 23 years old. I’m from Puerto Rico (now I’m living in Massachusetts), and I am fully bilingual. This blog is to talk about books because, as you may know, my love for books is growing more every single day. I’ll be writing book reviews because I’m always reading a new book, some discussions to release my stress when I’m moody and cranky, and random bookish stuff when I’m bored because there’s no way I can come up with really cool stuff all the time. My amount of creativity is zero, none, nada. When I’m not reading, I’m probably watching tv shows (I love The Flash, Friends, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and so on). My favorite genres are Young Adult / New Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Contemporary, and New Adult Romance.

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Welcome enchanted readers, and enjoy the posts.